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Welcome to RuralShores Skills Academy

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PERCENT OF India is rural where the youth is unskilled and deprived of opportunity which forces them to migrate to cities.


Million youth pass out of the education system annually but only 1 Million considered employable. There is a gap of 9 Million which needs to be bridged.

Our Mission is to train and gainfully employ 50,000 rural youth this year.

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I joined the DDUGKY training in RuralShores. After this training I learnt English and computer well. My other friends also studied here and learnt a lot. Because of this training, my GK and confidence level boosted. Ruralshores helped me get a job, earn money and now I help my family. After training in Ruralshores center, my life has changed a lot and I am proud of myself.

Reshma Chauhan

Through my experience of RuralShores DDUGKY training, I learnt to work in team. Also I learnt to communicate with others. My English was very dull but here I improved it along with learning to operate computers. Here our trainer was our friend also so we could discuss our problems with him. I learnt a lot of discipline here and got the job in Minacs Call Center. This training at RuralShores center has proved helpful in my service and in every step of my life.

Prithviraj Parmar

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