November 2017

Enhancing Services for Corporates with Rural Youth!

About RSA Services

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) is a uniquely developed organization impacting both Urban and Rural areas. It focuses on youth, primarily, from rural regions. The services that it drives are used by corporates for their marketing and sales activities.  This includes RSA providing managed services for employable rural youth.

For example, Industries dealing in FMCG and Agricultural Pharmaceuticals in addition to NBFC, eCommerce, Mobile Sales and Automotive Industries can draw benefit from RuralShores.  Primarily large scale operations with managed services will benefit the most.

So what is it that RuralShores offers as an enhancement to services? We provide multiple interventions that cause a lasting impact on the services and the business in the long-run as well as the impact becomes visible rather soon.

The interventions, as services, are listed below:


1. Training

Our training uses many aspects, for example, soft-skills are taught through field based actions, demonstrations and videos of real shoots. We also teach mobile technology through practical usage. In addition, we manage through real-time tracking of the person using the mobile technology.

RuralShores Skills Academy.

Training Session in Progress for Rural women. Managed by RuralShores Skills Academy.

2. Alignment with Field Operations

Trainers are encouraged and monitored for many ways in which they explain the processes to people. Both the trainers and managed people are tracked with geo-tagging on phone. There is appropriate MIS person who communicates with people missing ops or timing.

RuralShores Skills Academy

Trained Marketing Person taking field session. Trained by RuralShores.

3. Managed Services

We provide for managed services where the corporate is managing a large number of folks in the field and does not want them on their roles as staff.  We manage these people to deliver services in a proper way – including training, alignment, availability of samples, stocks, and any other marketing/sales approaches.

One of the regular challenges is that if such people are managed by regular local vendors, then the vendors give cash and keep a bit of margin for self.  We manage this aspect phenomenally better to ensure the people get full monies paid by Corporate for them.  We handle the payments online to the managed staff accounts and not cash. This ensures there is full transparency on what they are paid and when have they been paid.

4. Performance Improvement

We do this in many ways. For example, one way is to watch the lowest 25% managed peoples performance in the field. They are the ones who need support and encouragement on what to change or do more of. Our trainer visits those sites and accompanies them with clear view of what needs to be done. The other is to recap short Management skills to bring them to better performance.

5. Corporate Analysis

We regularly analyze and send presentations with focused elements of field performance and analyse where the Corporate needs to improve the overall process.

This has led us to make marked enhancements to performance in Corporate marketing and Sales!

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RuralShores Skills Academy Pvt Ltd.