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Transforming Youth into Confident and Caring Knowledge Professionals

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) trains and skills youth to be employable in the knowledge economy.  In addition to driving centers based on Corporate and Foundation needs, RSA has a model for training youth from the countryside to not only fulfill the needs of organizations with reach in rural parts but ensure the youth excel at their work to be at least as good as any urban counterpart.

Our unique training methodology focuses on ensuring participating students get to know the ‘why’ of need for training to learning to appreciate each person they work with. We develop youth into capable individuals who can be gainfully employed and continue to create value for themselves as well as the organization and the community they participate in.

 We are RuralShores Skills Academy

RuralShores Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd. (RSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of RuralShores Business Services. RuralShores Business takes the jobs to people rather than getting people to the jobs. RSA supports at both the ends (sourcing, training and placements).

Experienced professionals from diverse industries came together to take on the harder task of creating jobs for the rural youth while also ensuring youth capabilities which are equal to any other youth get nurtured.

RuralShores Skill Academy is also a funded partner of National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC).

Skilling plays a critical role in the world. RSA has taken on the task of training and providing for the students employment thereby empowering the rural youth. RSA also stays engaged with the youth to ensure they can become caring and confident professionals operating at par with their urban counterparts.

RSA has been training rural youth in professional skills ever since it was formally launched in early 2013 and focuses on engaging and experiential training based on deep understanding of issues and challenges in training the rural youth.

RSA focuses on imparting professional skills to students.  Professional skills are an appropriate combination of soft skills like communication, critical thinking, innovation, corporate etiquette and foundational domain skills like using computers, IT applications, and service sector skills.

RSA works with Corporates needing staff especially in small towns and rural areas, mobilizing and training for specific job roles. RSA impacts College students in rural areas and small towns with the professional skills to make them employable in the careers of their choice. In addition, RSA also enables partners in rural areas to deliver quality training through impactful courses, training of trainers and specially designed skill assessments.

Born in 2013 to a socially impactful family with the key intent to impact the unemployed youth.

Enabling Soft skills and Professional Skills for career progression.

Enhanced focus on girls and impact on youth with disabilities.

NSDC Skill Development Partner.

Provide training and employment opportunities in BPO, Retail, and Hospitality with appropriate skills.

People making this work

Our Team


Neeraj Agarwal


Sindhu Girish

Head Human Resources
People making this work

Directors and Mentors

Murali Vullaganti

Co-Founder & Chief Mentor

G. Srinivasan

Co-Founder and CFO

What They Say

My name is Shanthamma from Thaladummanahalli, Sidlagatta Taluk. I started working at the age of 18 since I am having my disability. I spent Rs. 6,000 to learn the basic computers in an institute in my native place but I did not touch the computer even one day. When Ruralshores mobilizers came to our village and explained about their course, I visited the office and took my admission in their course. I am the first person to come for the class to practice the computers. With help from RuralShores my typing has improved and I am now typing at the speed of 35 words/minute. I have also improved my confidence level and English communication skills with this training program.


Myself Gangarathna from Mylappanahalli. I am a married woman and have a 3-year-old child. My husband is a farmer. In my family, I am the only person to complete Graduation. I was confused what to do next after my graduation. One day Ruralshores Mobilizer has visited our house and explained about the DDU GKY scheme. Then I came the center with my husband and joined for the course. I never imagined the center would be so nice. I came to know the value of the job and the course. I gained the respect of people with my good position in the job. Our, relatives used to taunt me about studying at this age, being a married woman. After the changes in my personality, all the relative were quiet. All this credit goes to my trainers.


We started working with RuralShores Skills Academy four years back. We had a unique challenge of rolling out our marketing activities in rural areas, of sourcing field staff, training them and then monitoring their performance across the country. RuralShores initially started with training the field staff using their unique methodologies and soon supported us in sourcing and monitoring them too through their technology solution. They have been able to reach across remote locations with multiple languages making them our preferred training partner.

Marketing Manager

A large FMCG group in India