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Launch of the Foundation Course for survivors of human trafficking by the President of India

They say recognition is the greatest motivator. And when it comes from the head of state of India, you hear it – amidst the loud applause – the sound of the stone that you dropped onto the ocean and see the waves it made far and wide.

We did it – its official! More than it ever could be. Not that this is the first time a training course we built is now officially a part of government sponsored skill training programme. We are NSDC authorised funded training partners from last 4 years.  And our courses are certified by NSDC. But this one was rewarded by the recognition from the highest echelon of national leaders representing the whole country and that is what you see – not just the President but what he represents – the people of the country recognizing your efforts, innovation and hard-work. And that’s the magnitude to behold!

Launch of Foundation Course

This is how it was on the launch of the NSDC sponsored Foundation Course – a bridge program that provides for the inclusion of survivors of human trafficking to skill development programs by Shri Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India.


This Foundation Course is the baby we created, nourished and nurtured and gave it the wings to fly and play its role in building lives across the country and the world.

How it All Started

Skilling the survivors of human trafficking is an initiative where RuralShores Skills Academy is a training partner. We created this Foundation Course along with Justice & Care, an NGO working with victims of human trafficking, worked and re-worked on it, moulding it to the requirements of the survivors. Training the survivor girls of human trafficking isn’t an easy task – they are poor, broken, physically and mentally exploited with little to no educational background. Justice & Care has been seeing the harassed mental state of the survivors, and approached us to build a course in Life Skills to help the survivors cope up with the adversities they faced and move on in life.  We came up with a set of life skills and professional skills these girls would be tutored on to survive in a business environment. We also train these girls in communication and computer skills, so that they can communicate in the technologically-enabled corporate world. Then we train them in domain skills through courses like retail and domestic BPO, so that they can become adept in a job-oriented skill. Our trainers visit the shelter homes daily for training these girls. We equip the survivors with necessary skills, make them employable and provide placements through our tie-ups with various organizations.

To make a difference in someone’s life is a clichéd sentence you keep hearing now and then. But when you make it into a mission and see its outcome – sharing the platform with the President of the country, speaking about her journey to finding a purpose in life and addressing some of the eminent personalities in the country without any stage fear, reflecting a confidence in herself to move forward and change her world – you will see your reward in her groomed persona. We played a part in making her whole again. We helped build a life. The reward for our labour is a life. Is that not enough?

Shruti Patwal


ReplyVikram Kumar

Great achievement! Well done Shruti and entire team RSA!

Thank You Sir!

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