Successful Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Outdoor Media Auditing

When you walk out of your house into the public arena, you are hit with the plethora of outdoor advertising media – billboards, banners, signage, kiosks, point of sale displays, interiors and exteriors of buses and what not. You find yourself staring into the eyes of the product enticing you to try it!

Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular ways to grab the attention of thousands of consumers. But reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers is not cheap. Neither is it easy to ensure the required quality and objective of the outdoor advertising. It starts with planning and implementation but it doesn’t stop at execution.

Are you getting value for your money?

Field Audits by RSA

RuralShores Skills Academy has nurtured a well-developed audit team to ensure that corporate organisations achieve a good return on investment on money spent in managing proper display of outdoor media through structural field audits.

We have a team of 100+ trained field auditors across India which  helps the corporate organisations to check the installation and health status of outdoor media assets like digital wall painting, dealer boards, hoardings etc.

Outdoor advertisement is one of the preferred ways to introduce and advertise new products in the market. This is an area where organisations spend a large amount of its resources for reaching the targeted customers in rural/urban areas.

The organisation spends upto Rs. 150/sq. feet for outdoor media in rural and urban areas. An area of 100,000 sq. feet costs organisation around Rs. 1.5 Cr for displaying the outdoor media for 30 days. Here, vendors generally cut down the display time to 15-20 days and save around 50% of the total cost. The execution teams/vendors generally make money through following ways: 

  • Installation of media at different location than specified (low cost sites)
  • Removing assets before stipulated duration (to place other brands at same sites)
  • Using low cost material (to save money)
  • Incorrect or bad installation (skills of installer)

The above stated actions can not only impact financial losses, but also the brand image of the organization.

RSA audit team visits the specified locations and checks all the parameters for displaying the media and share a detailed report along with photographs, geographic location etc. We also ensure that the audit is done twice during the campaign – at the start and at the end of the campaign, to ensure that the media remains displayed at the site for the specified duration.

Based on inputs given by RSA audit team, organisations can hold execution agencies responsible for any aberrations or mismanagement in the given work assignments. The cost of audit is quite minimal against the cost of advertisement. However, it greatly helps the organisations to save their efforts in managing the quality of outdoor advertisements and get value for their money.

So while the organizations can focus their time and energy on planning and executing their outdoor media advertisements, RuralShores Skills Academy will assess and ensure the truth and fairness of adopted processes and procedures.


– Sachin Tyagi




A Practical Case of Effective Training of Trainers!

Better Trainers – Better Training – Lasting Impact

RuralShores Skills Academy is a unique organization that specializes in creating value for the under-served rural and urban youth. We have a unique and holistic approach to our training which includes life skills as well as youth development

Youth development is a process of mental, physical, emotional and social growth to enable them to build successful career and lives. Life skills are the abilities that help build competence in young people as they face the realities of life and moulding capable adults to become effective leaders in their lives and the world.

RuralShores Skills Academy conducts specialized training for training delivery organizations and NGO’s looking to upgrade their trainers and thereafter provide courseware for students and also final assessment and certification for students.

In one of our projects, we conducted one such training in a remote location near Varanasi. There is a school run by an NGO in this remote location that holds free classes for youth in Maths, English, Science and Computers. The students are from the age group of 14 – 21 and come from nearby villages.

RuralShores Skills Academy is also a training delivery agency registered as a successful training partner of National Skills Development Corporation.

The NGO asked us to conduct a teacher training session, provide course curriculum in getting the students started towards employment through communicative English and basic knowledge of Computers and also assess their students.

Our Training Approach and Methodology

The training was for 4 days where teachers from the school coming from diverse backgrounds were taught our unique training methodology – G.E.T.S

Guide – Counselling the students to reveal and find their interests and passion

Educate – Through our process of training – for example, rhymes, group activities, assessments

Train – Practice makes perfect. Showing them how to do it then letting them do it.

Support – Encourage, encourage, encourage! Create an atmosphere of appreciation and support where students can learn and thrive.

The same methodology was used in training the teachers. The teachers went through rigorous 8 hour sessions for 4 days filled with mock training sessions and understanding the new course curriculum. They were first shown how to do it and then they would demonstrate their learning through teach back sessions.

At the end of the training, armed with the G.E.T.S methodology the teachers felt confident with the course curriculum and were raring to take their own sessions with students.

“Your methods of training that I learnt are now proving good for students!”

  • English teacher

“I have learnt so much in these 4 days that I feel I can really connect and teach my students in a better manner”

  • Computers teacher

“I am very happy with how the training went and I am sure training such as these are very much beneficial to our teaching staff.”

  • Client Representative

We truly believe in the philosophy that Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world!

Mrinal Roka

Training Manager

Impacting Rural Youth Positively

Impacting Rural Youth positively

RuralShores Skills Academy was setup to ensure rural youth got prepared for BPOs being setup in rural spots.  We realized that we couldn’t begin with domain skills but needed to strengthen the communication, confidence, ability to read in English and also write/type in English while making sense of English sentences.

The approach we started using was to get the students to participate fully.  For English, we started using short practical sentences in addition to learning a few rhymes.

Since the BPOs are in village, the students learning and working in these are performing service sector jobs close to their homes.  A lot of students start feeling deeply satisfied and also confident in getting such a training leading to an appropriate job nearby.  A student said “The way I interact and talk with people has changed a lot. I am able to express myself in a clear way now. My whole life situation has undergone a positive change.”  Something similar is stated by all students across all centers.

We have 18 BPOs with training at each of these locations.  In last 5 years, we have trained over 25,000 people of which about 15,000 youth are for the rural BPO.   Ever since 2013, we are also partners with NSDC and hence train youth in BPO and also Retail domains.

We hope to grow and impact many more youth from rural areas!

Enhancing Services for Corporates with Rural Youth!

About RSA Services

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) is a uniquely developed organization impacting both Urban and Rural areas. It focuses on youth, primarily, from rural regions. The services that it drives are used by corporates for their marketing and sales activities.  This includes RSA providing managed services for employable rural youth.

For example, Industries dealing in FMCG and Agricultural Pharmaceuticals in addition to NBFC, eCommerce, Mobile Sales and Automotive Industries can draw benefit from RuralShores.  Primarily large scale operations with managed services will benefit the most.

So what is it that RuralShores offers as an enhancement to services? We provide multiple interventions that cause a lasting impact on the services and the business in the long-run as well as the impact becomes visible rather soon.

The interventions, as services, are listed below:


1. Training

Our training uses many aspects, for example, soft-skills are taught through field based actions, demonstrations and videos of real shoots. We also teach mobile technology through practical usage. In addition, we manage through real-time tracking of the person using the mobile technology.

RuralShores Skills Academy.

Training Session in Progress for Rural women. Managed by RuralShores Skills Academy.

2. Alignment with Field Operations

Trainers are encouraged and monitored for many ways in which they explain the processes to people. Both the trainers and managed people are tracked with geo-tagging on phone. There is appropriate MIS person who communicates with people missing ops or timing.

RuralShores Skills Academy

Trained Marketing Person taking field session. Trained by RuralShores.

3. Managed Services

We provide for managed services where the corporate is managing a large number of folks in the field and does not want them on their roles as staff.  We manage these people to deliver services in a proper way – including training, alignment, availability of samples, stocks, and any other marketing/sales approaches.

One of the regular challenges is that if such people are managed by regular local vendors, then the vendors give cash and keep a bit of margin for self.  We manage this aspect phenomenally better to ensure the people get full monies paid by Corporate for them.  We handle the payments online to the managed staff accounts and not cash. This ensures there is full transparency on what they are paid and when have they been paid.

4. Performance Improvement

We do this in many ways. For example, one way is to watch the lowest 25% managed peoples performance in the field. They are the ones who need support and encouragement on what to change or do more of. Our trainer visits those sites and accompanies them with clear view of what needs to be done. The other is to recap short Management skills to bring them to better performance.

5. Corporate Analysis

We regularly analyze and send presentations with focused elements of field performance and analyse where the Corporate needs to improve the overall process.

This has led us to make marked enhancements to performance in Corporate marketing and Sales!

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