Guiding the Youth in the Right Direction


I am Salma Ansari. I belong to a typical conservative Muslim family. Traditionally, it is not allowed for women to go outside and look for a job in my family. Beside my parents, I have five sisters and one younger brother.

I came to know about RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) through a friend. Initially my father was opposed to the idea of letting me go outside the home and join RSA. Also, he did not believe that one-month training was going to get me a worthy job. But after visiting the RSA center and meeting the trainers, he was convinced that learning a skill will help his daughter recognize her capabilities and develop her talent. He changed his mind and allowed me to take admission in RSA and get trained in a job-oriented skill.

Earlier I had low confidence and couldn’t speak well. I was shy, scared and used to the family tradition of laying low and staying behind the curtains. But at RSA training center, I practiced and was able to vastly improve my confidence and groom my personality. While giving answers and explanations, I practiced talking in English in front of the entire class. My friends at RSA and the trainers were very encouraging. Slowly, my hesitation at speaking in English and in public vanished. Now, I am proud that I can confidently present myself in front of people and put forth my viewpoints with assertiveness. I don’t get scared very easily now.
The positive learning environment in RSA has given me optimism, energy and encouragement. I got a lot of support and motivation from the trainers. The trainers guided me through the fog of my insecurities and misgivings and helped me find the right direction in my career.

While sitting for placement interviews, I got selected in RuralShores Business Services (RSBS) as a Customer Care Executive in my first attempt. Now I am adept at attending customer calls and get many accolades and appreciation from my customers, subordinates and managers. Recently, I received an award for my good performance. It was a high point of my life. With my aspirations and success, I think I have established myself as a role model for the other female members of my community. I feel I have closed the curtains behind me. 

-Salma Ansari

Finding the Purpose of Life

RuralShores Skills Academy – Mermaid in the Sea of Sorrow

 My name is Mina Rafique Shaikh. I have completed B.Sc. (Industrial Science). I am from Shingnapur village which is situated approximately 6 Km from Kopargaon. I belong to a middle class family. My family includes my parents and two sisters.

About a year ago, I was facing some personal issues and was depressed and suicidal. My family was going through a financial crisis and I was struggling to find a reason to live. One day, I was sitting at my home feeling dejected and low-spirited. Maybe the God sensed my misery or maybe it was a pleasant coincidence in my life that my neighbor uncle who was aware of my situation came to meet me. He asked me to join RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) – if only for refreshing my brain and changing my mindset.

 It was my first day at RSA, when the trainer sir at RSA asked me to introduce myself in the class. This forced me to focus on myself, my strengths and my abilities. Who am I?

 The casual first self-introduction just didn’t introduce me in the front of the class but also reminded me of my identity. After a counselling session at RSA, I realized my life need not be ended just yet. I happily realized that I have the caliber to prove myself with my skills and knowledge. I decided to develop my identity. I am going to be someone!

 Thereafter, I got trained in basic computer skills and typing. I started regaining my lost confidence. All thanks to RSA team at Kopargaon. They were like “mermaids in the sea of sorrow” and came to save me from drowning myself. I didn’t even have the money to pay the fees for the training. I was lucky to have Chandrao Sir who trusted me and gave me a chance to complete my training by paying my fees from his own pocket. In the class, I found many other students struggling with one or the other reason and I realized I am not alone. Difficulties are present everywhere. We need to deal with them.

 Thereafter, I was called for an interview at RSBS. I belonged to the batch of 30 students who sat for the interview and I was selected as a Process Associate. I now set a new aim for myself. I decided I will prove that girls can survive without support if they get proper guidance and skill training. It was RSA who gave me a new birth.

 I have previous work-experience. The event of first salary happiness had happened years ago in my life. But this salary at RSBS gave me a heartfelt satisfaction. For some reason, it was beyond the first salary moment.

 Today I am SPA for Quality and Training department in Non-telecom process. I am the first SPA in Kopargaon center to be acknowledged. I am grateful to our DGM who recognized my abilities and gave me a chance to progress and bloom in my career.

Not only my family but all my neighbors are proud of me for achieving this great victory.

 I have learnt, the most important thing is,

“Do what you love, if not

Love what you do”.

 I believe we must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.

Special thanks to RSA and RSBS RuralShores, Kopargaon!


Mina Shaikh

Foundational Training Batch 2016

Kopargaon, Maharashtra.

Impacting College Girls Purposefully!

Value Creation

RSA tied up with DLF Foundation (DLFF) to deliver quality and value in the case of a large, focused and ‘only girls’ college in Gurugram.  RSA determined to ensure an appropriate set of girls will take out extra time and go through On-line courses from a few entities that provide for a large number of structured and self-study courses online.

Girls can go through these courses without any usage charges which are offered free by Online providers – except for their certification.  So when they need a certification, then DLFF covers the cost for them.  Last year we trained and certified over 300 girls in this manner.

This year the girls reaching out to us for the courses is much higher!  There are about 7,000 girls in the college and we need to select and give opportunities to the girls who are typically in final year of college.  Then we help them choose the courses that align with what they are studying in college and will make them better employable with online training.

The Online training covers videos, assessments, and reading material organized appropriately and in the right manner.

Delivering Government and Foundation’s Vision and Mission through RuralShores Skills Academy efforts

DLFF provides a clear direction and then funds the center for running the show.  Ruralshores Skills Academy provides the trainers and managers for the center to drive the center and manage the right training by girls.  Guiding them on learning English, so that they can learn and pick up from the online courses fast enough.  Government had built the infrastructure and provided the girls college as the main resource center.

Together, the three organizations are making the impact possible!

Here are some statements and comments recorded from students about what they feel and what they study:

Tulsi- did a course in technical voice re-coding as she is doing her graduation in music only.  She finds this course really informative and practical and believes that after completion of this she can get in to the same profession.

Sharmila- she pursued a course in programming from Microsoft.  She is confident in writing codes and wants to go ahead with more courses in coding so that she can move in to software development.

Jyoti- completed a course in English communication and finds is extremely helpful as she feels confident and less hesitant while communicating in English.

These are a few examples how the college girls achieve what were only dreaming of.  RSA has been giving directions and means to the girls so that they can not only move towards achieving their goals and but they must become what they want to in their prospective careers.

The Project was started when DLF Foundation agreed with Government Authority to start supporting and driving it in association with RuralShores Skills Academy Pvt Ltd.  The project has been given the name of “Golden Jubilee eLearning Project”.

Sarita, Trainer from RSA:  This is a joint effort of Haryana Government, DLF Foundation and RuralShores Skills Academy to empower girls coming from rural areas to the college. These girls are, many times, not even aware that such good career options exist. We help them to find the right path for their bright future by consulting and helping them.

Students who are from B.com, we suggest to them courses related to banking, E finance, Economics, and courses in market analysis etc. Students from Arts side can go into teaching administration and choose a course for their hobbies like music and arts as well.  The girls who are not even familiar with the computers we need to help them by training how to use a computer and introducing the modern electronic way of learning.

We hope that it can create a major learning mechanism for all girls across India in the long run!

RSA is willing to work with Foundations that want to really skill the under-served youth.