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RuralShores Skills Academy – Evolution and Impact

The idea of RuralShores Skills Academy was born with the aim of supporting RuralShores Business Services in its objective of making an enduring all-round development to the rural populace through the creation of a socially impacting ecosystem.

RuralShores Business Services (RSBS) is world’s largest rural domestic BPO. It operates with the basic intent of taking the jobs to the people rather than getting people to the jobs. To achieve its objective of transforming rural youth into confident knowledge professionals, RSBS required a supportive arm to train and equip the rural youth with necessary skills and make them competent and employable. Thus, RuralShores Skills Academy was established with the task of training and providing for employment thereby empowering the rural youth.

The combined efforts of RuralShores Skills Academy and RuralShores Business Services have impacted about 900 villages and improved the quality of lives and livelihoods of the rural people. Post RuralShores employment, there is a 66% rise in family income and the average income is over the minimum wage fixed by the government. More than 26000 rural youth have been trained by RuralShores Skills Academy.   About 22,500 have gotten employment.  This is no longer limited to RSBS but extends to other corporates reaching out for marketing and sales in rural areas!

Since its inception RuralShores, RSA has diversified into various sectors and we have undertaken government projects, corporate trainings and surveys, retail and CSR programs. RSA started with training rural youth for local BPO, and thereafter trained people for Basic IT skills, FMCG/Retail process and sales.  This is where we realized that true skillsets and mind approach will give youth the direction and alignment.

In addition to this, we also train and provide placements for physically handicapped students. We have trained deaf trainers as well as students and successfully placed them in appropriate organizations. We also encourage girls to learn and become a part of our social drive. This is reflected in a healthy sex ratio maintained amongst the students of RSA. Education contributes to greater independence for women in the rural society which has a positive social impact on the community. One of our highly successful projects includes training victims of human trafficking.  RSA strives to deliver quality training through impactful courses, training of trainers and specially designed skill assessments.

RSA services include provision of:

  • Structured training program
  • Training & certification of trainer
  • Regular student assessments
  • Student certification
  • Courseware for both trainer and students

RSA programs are equipped with courseware as per NSDC QP (Qualification Pack) and NOS (National Occupational Standard), online assessment and NSDC certification recognised by Government of India.  This certification can help training institutes and NGOs in the placements of its students.

The efforts of RuralShores Business Services (RSBS) have been recognized nationally and internationally and recorded in major journals across the world. This reflects the success of our organization (RSA) as the training partner and skills academy of RSBS.

RuralShores Skills Academy maybe a for-profit company on papers but we might as well have been a NGO for all the efforts and ideas we put in training the youth of the country and working for building their careers and lives. RSA has evolved from a countryside social initiative to nationwide social enterprise. We engage and enskill various strata of youth of the country. We believe in the potential of the youth of the country and their capability in helping India transition from a developing country to a developed one.

– Shruti Patwal

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