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Step in the Right Direction with RuralShores Skills Academy

Neeraj Verma is working as an ‘agent’ with RuralShores Business Services (RSBS). The ‘agent’ is an entry level position in a domestic call centre. He is preparing for merchant navy exams alongside.
Struggling to find a job, he had landed on the doorsteps of RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) about a year ago. Anxious and depressed about the continuing failures of his efforts and hard work, he had developed a low self-esteem and he felt under-confident in engaging in a conversation with people. He had a good working knowledge of using a computer and even schooled his friends on it. It was at RSA that he realized what he had lacked earlier.

Essential Elements for Working in Life

Soft skills and confidence are essential elements of securing a good job in present corporate world. Getting through an interview is hinged upon speaking and behaving well. Your communication skills and confidence play a big big role in impressing upon your employer ‘Yes, I am the One’.

He says, “It is important to gain skills and exposure that help to fit in with the requirements of corporate world”. He heard through a friend about RSA providing training programmes and placement opportunities for skilled people. At RSA, he was given foundation training in communication skills and Basic IT which helped in grooming his knowledge and personality. The training has helped him in overcoming his hesitation and improved his personality. Before joining RSA, it was difficult for him to even talk to someone and maintain an eye contact. He was shy and introvert. At RSA, he enrolled in Spoken English programme, learnt speaking English and gained confidence in interacting with people. The training helped him in refining his pronunciation in English. He also worked on his manners and business etiquettes that play a crucial role in a working business environment.

Starting the Career

He wanted a job that allowed him to support his family. Now he is earning an adequate amount of money that helps him support himself and his family. He feels that if he had not attended this training institution, he might have remained enclosed in his own world oblivious to the opportunities that existed in real world around him. He joined RSA and found trainers and the training very helpful in building his personality, career and life. RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA), he feels, has given him hope and vision on which he plans to build his career and life.



Great work! Guiding rural youth to become change maker of the society.

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