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Successful Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Outdoor Media Auditing

When you walk out of your house into the public arena, you are hit with the plethora of outdoor advertising media – billboards, banners, signage, kiosks, point of sale displays, interiors and exteriors of buses and what not. You find yourself staring into the eyes of the product enticing you to try it!

Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular ways to grab the attention of thousands of consumers. But reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers is not cheap. Neither is it easy to ensure the required quality and objective of the outdoor advertising. It starts with planning and implementation but it doesn’t stop at execution.

Are you getting value for your money?

Field Audits by RSA

RuralShores Skills Academy has nurtured a well-developed audit team to ensure that corporate organisations achieve a good return on investment on money spent in managing proper display of outdoor media through structural field audits.

We have a team of 100+ trained field auditors across India which  helps the corporate organisations to check the installation and health status of outdoor media assets like digital wall painting, dealer boards, hoardings etc.

Outdoor advertisement is one of the preferred ways to introduce and advertise new products in the market. This is an area where organisations spend a large amount of its resources for reaching the targeted customers in rural/urban areas.

The organisation spends upto Rs. 150/sq. feet for outdoor media in rural and urban areas. An area of 100,000 sq. feet costs organisation around Rs. 1.5 Cr for displaying the outdoor media for 30 days. Here, vendors generally cut down the display time to 15-20 days and save around 50% of the total cost. The execution teams/vendors generally make money through following ways: 

  • Installation of media at different location than specified (low cost sites)
  • Removing assets before stipulated duration (to place other brands at same sites)
  • Using low cost material (to save money)
  • Incorrect or bad installation (skills of installer)

The above stated actions can not only impact financial losses, but also the brand image of the organization.

RSA audit team visits the specified locations and checks all the parameters for displaying the media and share a detailed report along with photographs, geographic location etc. We also ensure that the audit is done twice during the campaign – at the start and at the end of the campaign, to ensure that the media remains displayed at the site for the specified duration.

Based on inputs given by RSA audit team, organisations can hold execution agencies responsible for any aberrations or mismanagement in the given work assignments. The cost of audit is quite minimal against the cost of advertisement. However, it greatly helps the organisations to save their efforts in managing the quality of outdoor advertisements and get value for their money.

So while the organizations can focus their time and energy on planning and executing their outdoor media advertisements, RuralShores Skills Academy will assess and ensure the truth and fairness of adopted processes and procedures.


– Sachin Tyagi




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