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The Change in Thinking

Ruralshores Skills Academy (RSA) has been working for the betterment of youth in rural areas since 2012. I started working with them from September 2019. During the last six months, I have visited various centres and trained more than 300 youth.  During my first visit to Sausar (Madhya Pradesh) I met 19 young people who had opted for the training program known as Life Transformation Program (LTP). Before working with RSA I used to give classroom trainings but now I had to give the same training with different methods. At First, I was not sure that this kind of training will have any future but my thinking changed after a few break-throughs.

During my first visit to Sausar I met the participants. After meeting all of the participants I understood that they needed a lot of improvement. I was still confused that how this kind of training can help them out. All my confusions faded away after I saw their responses in the first month. I could see exceptional changes in the participants. Their confidence level had increased and they had started replying in English.

Few examples that I think are worth mentioning are, specifically, Mona and Suraj. These two were just like any of the other students. They both started doing the program in June 2019 but by September 2019 their English communication had improved a lot. A huge change was evident in their work also. Suraj got promotion and Mona was the star performer for three consecutive months. The other participants of that batch had also improved performance exponentially.

The biggest reason for the success of this program is that during the program people were actively involved in self-learning and they were not judged by their mistakes. The curriculum is such that a mere 15 minute class every day is enough to complete this program. This program is showing commendable results in all of the other centres as well.

The entire LTP program is divided into six months. After six months most of the participants saw a huge change in their thinking and their way of handling situations. The first part of the program focuses totally on spoken English while the second part is more about soft skills and life skills. Most of the students lack these basic skills that are covered in this program. In my most humble opinion more youngsters and working professionals should join this program to enhance their skill set so that they could prepare themselves for the challenges that lay ahead in their lives and progress towards a better future and career.

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