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Why Foundation Course?

Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on the ‘Inclusion of Victims of Trafficking and the Vulnerable in Skill Development’

We build too many walls and not enough bridges. – Isaac Newton

I came across a river and realized I don’t know how to swim. What do I do?  Should I try learning swimming? But there is still a possibility of drowning in deep bitter waters. And so I sit on the frozen land on my side of the bank of the river and gaze into the alluring bright sunny sky and swaying green fields underneath on the other side of the river? If only someone could build a bridge over the bitter waters flowing beneath.

While reaching out to the unprivileged and disadvantaged youth to help and guide them to skill development training programmes, the social enterprises found that this disadvantaged section of society has varied educational backgrounds – no education to little education to a miniscule proportion of Xth and XIIth pass-outs. You might want to skill them to make them employable and help build their career and lives to a bright future ahead. But how would you teach a skill like Data Entry or Retail sales to someone who doesn’t know how to talk or spell. To someone who hasn’t even seen a computer. Would she be able to survive in a technologically-driven business world?

So there is this river of illiteracy of different levels and these youth need a bridge to gain a certain knowledge level that will open the door of skill training programmes for them. And this is what the Foundation Course is!

The Foundation Course

At the Inter-ministerial Dialogue on the ‘Inclusion of Victims of Trafficking and the Vulnerable in Skill Development’ hosted by Justice & Care, it was repeatedly emphasized that a bridge course is a necessity to address the gaps that exist within the learning space for the youth disadvantaged in different ways. This Foundation Course program aims to build the aptitude, attitude and abilities of the youth and prepare him/her for skill training programs.

RuralShores Skills Academy, a skill development training agency and Justice & Care, an NGO involved in rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking worked together to design this Foundation Course program to train the survivors of trafficking. The Foundation Course is a three month, 360-hour program. It is a bridge course that will prepare the students to take training in technical domain training.

The Course Structure

The Course Structure addresses Life Skills – for example Time Management, Forgiveness, Personal Grooming, Self-Esteem, Hard Work and Persistence, Managing Finance and so on. It also covers Functional Literacy – like English writing and Mathematics.  We added Basic IT and Digital Literacy to make it holistic and complete.  The Sectoral Orientation is also provided as an over view of different Industries with support on career planning.

The modules catering to different objectives are designed to develop the knowledge as well as the personality of the student. The Foundation Course enables the students to talk, read and write English, work on computers besides giving them some insight and direction on how to deal with various components that makes a person and his/her life.

While we cannot cover the proper course curriculum of regular schooling in 3 months, the Foundation Course ensures the students at least find their feet to stand and become ready to move forward. Skill development training and quality education leads to economic and social reintegration. The Foundation Course is a means to reach there.

– Shruti Patwal







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