A Practical Case of Effective Training of Trainers!

Better Trainers – Better Training – Lasting Impact

RuralShores Skills Academy is a unique organization that specializes in creating value for the under-served rural and urban youth. We have a unique and holistic approach to our training which includes life skills as well as youth development

Youth development is a process of mental, physical, emotional and social growth to enable them to build successful career and lives. Life skills are the abilities that help build competence in young people as they face the realities of life and moulding capable adults to become effective leaders in their lives and the world.

RuralShores Skills Academy conducts specialized training for training delivery organizations and NGO’s looking to upgrade their trainers and thereafter provide courseware for students and also final assessment and certification for students.

In one of our projects, we conducted one such training in a remote location near Varanasi. There is a school run by an NGO in this remote location that holds free classes for youth in Maths, English, Science and Computers. The students are from the age group of 14 – 21 and come from nearby villages.

RuralShores Skills Academy is also a training delivery agency registered as a successful training partner of National Skills Development Corporation.

The NGO asked us to conduct a teacher training session, provide course curriculum in getting the students started towards employment through communicative English and basic knowledge of Computers and also assess their students.

Our Training Approach and Methodology

The training was for 4 days where teachers from the school coming from diverse backgrounds were taught our unique training methodology – G.E.T.S

Guide – Counselling the students to reveal and find their interests and passion

Educate – Through our process of training – for example, rhymes, group activities, assessments

Train – Practice makes perfect. Showing them how to do it then letting them do it.

Support – Encourage, encourage, encourage! Create an atmosphere of appreciation and support where students can learn and thrive.

The same methodology was used in training the teachers. The teachers went through rigorous 8 hour sessions for 4 days filled with mock training sessions and understanding the new course curriculum. They were first shown how to do it and then they would demonstrate their learning through teach back sessions.

At the end of the training, armed with the G.E.T.S methodology the teachers felt confident with the course curriculum and were raring to take their own sessions with students.

“Your methods of training that I learnt are now proving good for students!”

  • English teacher

“I have learnt so much in these 4 days that I feel I can really connect and teach my students in a better manner”

  • Computers teacher

“I am very happy with how the training went and I am sure training such as these are very much beneficial to our teaching staff.”

  • Client Representative

We truly believe in the philosophy that Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world!

Mrinal Roka

Training Manager

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