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English Communication

Everyone Knows it’s important to Learn English, but then what hold us back?

  1. Why can’t we only stay with local language and need to switch? For improving our reach in the jobs, business and also socially, we do need to communicate in English.
  2.  We feel English speaking is for only for highly placed people. No it’s not. Since it is a common language in the business community, it is important that we learn to communicate in English to not only improve our understanding but also communicate our thoughts clearly and effectively to people.

  3.  We need to understand  that Reading, Writing, Listening are linked with speaking for any language for improving the skill – in terms of vocabulary, usage, expressions, and also confidence.  The more we speak the other parts of the language get enhanced. Hence, for English, initiate speaking in yourself as soon as you can.
  4. What changes when I take up communicating in English? You will see confidence in you in meeting people. Surely, also improve your reading and interactions using the most common mode these days – technology/internet. Also, when you travel to locations that don’t speak your language, you have the option of another common language in most places in the world and not just our country.

If we hold back from learning English actively, we are slowing our growth in life.

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Program Name 
1.English Communication only (100 days) 
2.Other possibilities with LTP components – please write to us at