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Feet-On-Street Services

Even in organizations that appear to be streamlined and advanced, field support can be a let-down when they either run on manual processes, poor staffing coordination, and low levels of customer satisfaction. RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) connects organizations and solution providers to their target audiences through its focussed field support service – #FeetOnStreet. We cover an important area impacting your business that is, on-field functions, right from product awareness and marketing to niche geographies, sales revenue, field audits and monitoring, field-staff training and development, workforce/ resource management, knowledge management, customer experience survey, and a lot more.

Skilling India at RuralShores Skills Academy

SKILL DEVELOPMENT LANDSCAPE OF INDIA India is a young country, endowed with demographic dividend. Mission ‘Skill India’ towers as its top agenda today. Skills and knowledge are the engines of economic growth and social development for any country. Sitting atop a hill, set to command a third of world’s working age population by 2030, India …

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Improving Reading Skills through Spoken English

English: Language to employability Our Spoken English programme is aimed at improving communication skills and overall personality development of a student. In the corporate world, international markets and even inter-state trade within multi-lingual India connected by the English language, an employee’s proficiency in the English language is regarded as an important yardstick in influencing and ascertaining …

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Assessing the Learning

Measuring the value of Training Assessment is the engine that drives student learning. Learners need constant feedback more than they need constant teaching. How do we know whether we are learning right? RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) ties up with NGO’s and Foundations for providing training, courseware and certifications for its courses through its mechanism of …

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