First-Time Manager Training

First-Time Manager Training


The transition from a successful employee to a successful manager is a difficult one. Most commonly observed with first-time managers, 85% resources receive no training prior to switching into the role of supervisors (first-time manager). The 60% of first-time managers underperform during their first two years because the skill set required for the job is entirely different. They experience early burn-out managers and low morale as the productivity is heavily dependent on their capability to handle the frontline.

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) has designed First-Time Manager Training program equips new managers with the necessary tools, skills, and training needed to make a smooth transition. When they move from the role of an individual contributor to a role of manager, this leadership training becomes especially important for them as they lack managerial experience. First-time managers, who go through this structured foundational training, are set up to become effective leaders. They turn out to be more engaged with teams, are better at handling crisis situation and drive greater results for their organization.


  • Training helps managers make a smooth, successful transition and feel good about themselves and their new role.
  • Properly trained managers know how to support, motivate, and empower their team members to drive performance and results.
  • Training assists new managers develop effective leadership styles

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