Impacting Rural Youth Positively

Impacting Rural Youth positively

RuralShores Skills Academy was setup to ensure rural youth got prepared for BPOs being setup in rural spots.  We realized that we couldn’t begin with domain skills but needed to strengthen the communication, confidence, ability to read in English and also write/type in English while making sense of English sentences.

The approach we started using was to get the students to participate fully.  For English, we started using short practical sentences in addition to learning a few rhymes.

Since the BPOs are in village, the students learning and working in these are performing service sector jobs close to their homes.  A lot of students start feeling deeply satisfied and also confident in getting such a training leading to an appropriate job nearby.  A student said “The way I interact and talk with people has changed a lot. I am able to express myself in a clear way now. My whole life situation has undergone a positive change.”  Something similar is stated by all students across all centers.

We have 18 BPOs with training at each of these locations.  In last 5 years, we have trained over 25,000 people of which about 15,000 youth are for the rural BPO.   Ever since 2013, we are also partners with NSDC and hence train youth in BPO and also Retail domains.

We hope to grow and impact many more youth from rural areas!

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