Improving Reading Skills through Spoken English

English: Language to employability

Our Spoken English programme is aimed at improving communication skills and overall personality development of a student. In the corporate world, international markets and even inter-state trade within multi-lingual India connected by the English language, an employee’s proficiency in the English language is regarded as an important yardstick in influencing and ascertaining employability and human capital. In wake of rapid growth of globalisation, English language is an indispensable medium of business- and official-communication within India and the world. English is a business language which will influence your personality, job profile, employability and wages by a large percentage at both entry and experienced levels.  The fluency in English-language enables an educated person to secure white-collar jobs in the middle and upper echelons of the job hierarchy.

About the Course

Our Spoken English courses are designed to develop your speaking, listening and pronunciation skills besides English reading and writing skills for more effective communication in social and professional situations.

We have activities focusing on English conversation, public speaking, extempore, interview skills and group discussions along with learning basic grammar, sentence formation and vocabulary. We have experimented with a range of topics in the course which will encourage the student to think and deliberate on a topic, thus, enhancing critical thinking and reasoning abilities of a student alongside speaking English. We give them a trailer; but they will have to develop the full story. This course will develop a student’s confidence in using English in their daily communication.

What are the reinforcements holding up the fort of our Spoken English?

Let us see.


Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky

The silliness of singing nursery rhymes teaches us not just the words, they stick into our memories. We remember them – the feelings of happiness and excitement when we chant them, the context the words were used in, sentence formation, the time, the pitch, the people we shared the moment with. It stays!

Let’s rewind back to your babyhood. How did your mother speak to you? Not in the way she spoke to other elder family members! With you – she spoke slowly, possibly in a higher pitch, she repeated the words – to make your little baby brain process and get a chance to catch the words and the way they are formed.

Nursery rhymes pretty much operate in a similar manner. They slow down the speaking process, involve repetition – which help the children learn to speak and later to read and spell.

In the flow, we may not always understand when one word ends and another begins, but the nursery rhymes help us learn the dynamics of English language. It gives us a love of language.


May I come in? 

How are you?

What is your name?                      

What are you doing?

Would you like that?

How can I help you?

Could you repeat that please?

These are some common English phrases and expressions that constitute the basic blocks of business English language. They form an essential part of corporate etiquettes and mannerisms. You must know how to use these common English phrases. There are no exceptions to learning these.

We teach such phrases every day in first 15 minutes of each session and mandate the students to use them in daily life especially during training classes.


Everyone loves a story!

We have included short English moral story videos at the start of every English class. We all enjoy a good story – no matter our age. These videos hold up interest level and help in absorbing the usage of English language- the what, when and how – besides building up vocabulary. 


Let’s talk English!

The conversation sessions are based on daily life scenarios in animated and interactive learning format. They help learners speak English fluently with correct pronunciations.

And these were just the cream on the cake!

The main content of the Spoken English course includes Parts of Speech, Sentence Formation, Modals, Tenses, Orders, Instructions and Requests, Story Completion and Picture Composition and so on.

Our Spoken English course is designed with the objective of helping the student in gaining expertise in speaking English confidently. Join today and better your English!

Shruti Patwal

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