Skilling India at RuralShores Skills Academy


India is a young country, endowed with demographic dividend. Mission ‘Skill India’ towers as its top agenda today. Skills and knowledge are the engines of economic growth and social development for any country. Sitting atop a hill, set to command a third of world’s working age population by 2030, India is a country with mission. Lest the demographic dividend turns into demographic liability, skill training is of utmost importance to take advantage of this ready workforce. With constantly evolving technology space and dynamics in lifespan of existent skills, transformation of India’s skill landscape is imperative to take India onto the next pedestal of growth.

India adds 12 million people to its workforce every year. There are about 711 million people in India in the working age group of 15-59 years. This constitutes 62% of India’s population and majority of this requires new or additional skills. This offers a fertile ground for germination of new partnerships, government programmes, training institutions and delivery agents for enriching the skills ecosystem in India. Majority of 40% of population between 15-19 years of age, who have not received formal education, might already be in some form of unskilled employment because of economic necessity. There is a need to skill this population and give a formal recognition or certification to their prior skills. Since this is an economically active population, mobilizing students can be a challenge and hence, the focus has to be on short-term skill training programmes. Sector specific skills are important as they help with placement and aid students change or target new sector of employment.

Of the current workforce, only about 8-9% are engaged in the formal/organized sector. In India, only 5% of the workforce has marketable skills, as compared to 50-60% in other countries. This should give us an idea of the magnitude of the challenge in skilling India.

RuralShores Skills Academy aims to play a part in grappling with this challenge by creating a sustainable and skilled workforce. RuralShores Skills Academy offers a string of general and sector specific skill training courses with certified trainers and quality course curriculum. We have developed market-driven courses. We have placement tie-ups with organizations and we facilitate training and employment of the students. We also work with corporates for sourcing skilled staff and upskilling staff in remote locations. RuralShores Skills Academy skills, employs, empower and engage the youth of the country.

For a country like India aspiring to become a “knowledge economy”, it is important to focus on advancement of relevant skills. The skills that were relevant 20 years ago are obsolete in today’s digital world. Nearly half the jobs may be at risk of automation while an entirely new set of jobs requiring new skills maybe emerging. At RuralShores Skills Academy, we take care of all these aspects in the evolving skills landscape in the country.

India’s growth story might not seem as exciting as one expected it to be, but the sheer volume of its human potential and its burgeoning young working population in the changing work-space makes it an interesting watch. We better buckle up. The world is watching!

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