67% of India is rural where the youth is unskilled and deprived of opportunity which forces them to migrate to cities.


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Over 10 Million youth pass out of the education system annually but only 1 Million considered employable. There is a gap of 9 Million which needs to be bridged.


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An additional 30 Million jobs would be created by the year 2025 in various Industries according to NASSCOM.

Access to rural geographies

We started operations in Rural India hence can give your organization access to rural geographies. 

RS Skills Academy

Experienced professionals from diverse industries came together to take on the harder task of creating jobs for the rural youth.

RuralShores Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd. (RSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of RuralShores Business. RuralShores Business takes the jobs to people rather than getting people to the jobs.

RuralShores Skill Academy is also a funded partner of National skills Development Corporation (NSDC) .

Our Reach

Spread across all of India with specific reach and approach for enrolling, training and placement for the rural youth.

Life Skills

We give priority on life skills, functional preparation and professional skills in training as these are critical areas for working in corporate roles

Exams are not the only way

Method of measuring skills acquisition in students in a regular manner, rather than final assessments only, with clearly defined checks for all students. Typical assessments focus more on knowledge as compared to our assessments that cover practical skills in addition to knowledge.

Human Support

Indian people especially rural youth prefer a human to support any technological interaction. We do have trainers who can reach out to support assigned work people and students across India.

GetSet Partnership

Most training organizations have some or the other challenges with training delivery. Joining hands with RSA will enable you to cover the current gaps whether it is with courseware, assessments, training of trainers or even trainer support. RSA will also assist in accelerating the movement towards your goals. RSA can assist with placement preparation and connect with companies with service skills courses.

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Corporate Engagement

Organizations with field activities in states of India can use RSA services for sustained outcomes. The areas for engagement by RSA are wide-ranging and effective and consistent. It could be support in below-the-line marketing, training of promoters, engaging retailers with product knowledge and process, and even field audit for various work elements. Use of technology for tracking, monitoring and reporting are key drivers.

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Foundation Support

We are keen to engage with Foundations that have special requirements ranging from mobilization of unskilled youth, to training them appropriately with life skills, service sector skills, special skills and then placing them in organized Industry. We also take on special projects that will require special course development, training at distant locations, and building in on-line course learning and certification approach.

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RS Skills Academy impact areas

  • Educated rural and semi-urban youth
  • Youth with special abilities (deaf, physical)
  • Girl Child (rural, rescued)
  • Domestics BPOs, Telecom, Soft-skills
  • Field Retail Sales, Stores, FMCG, Finance
  • Marketing and Sales for Retail Industry
  • Youth selected as per customer needs for needs
  • Trained and managed by staff
  • Services in the rural areas and towns
  • Practical implementation of Marketing and Sales staff as part of the training process.
  • Use of technology for training, assessment, and certification in Service Sector Skills.
  • Field coverage in Rural and Urban areas.
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