RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) empowers small training institutions as well as many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work for vocational skill development, training and placement. We take time to understand the vision, values, and strategic objectives of these institutions and cascade down to training and development goals which become realistic and tangible. We believe that every training program should be practical and relevant to the business objectives, and directly assist institutions in achieving their performance goals. We realign training process and activities, and ensure that learning helps drive business results.

RSA has the approach where the organization wanting to improve their performance can connect for the whole set of services (turnkey option) or choose a component from the services and grow:

  1. Customizing content for training
  2. Training of their trainers
  3. Provide expert trainers to fill in any gaps
  4. Develop regular formative assessments to ensure we know how each student is progressing
  5. Provide focused training which can work in parallel with any other training, in the areas of English communication, preparation for professional skills and behavioural skills
  6. Final assessments and certification for set of curriculums and skill domains.
  7. Placement support for students trained and certified.
  8. Overall Learning Management System – to manage the training content and assessments.


RSA prepares, educates, and qualifies the trainers with special emphasis on training goals and objectives, as well as training tools and technologies. Our practice-based training model for the trainers will assist the trainers master their skills and competencies. RSA works with both new trainers who seek facilitation techniques and the experienced trainers who want to increase learner-engagement and refresh their skillset. The facilitation techniques cover Preparation, Presentation, Performance and Evaluation.  The constant feedback from experienced RSA facilitator will help them acquire a strong foundation in learning and training career.

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) offers:

  • Foundation Training for newly recruited trainers or extension staff to strengthen the foundation of their service career by building technical competence
  • Refresher Training for the existing trainers to update and maintain the specialized subject-matter knowledge, competence and skills they already have
  • Career Development Training for specific domains to upgrade the knowledge, skills, and ability of trainers and staff that will enable them assume greater responsibility in higher positions


All forms of education and training must impart knowledge which is standardized and measurable. In a complex world where large organizations, governments, and institutions are a major feature in education and training systems, it is easy for them to lose sight of the ultimate purpose of ensuring quality education. A uniform training assessment of students not only ensures overall quality of the training program, but also supports student learning. RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) takes assessment accountability to support quality education for the students. We conduct continual assessment of the students during the formative training and at the end of the training program that provides them with an analysis of their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Every training program and qualification needs to be assessed and acknowledged by accreditation bodies to have value for employability or further studies. RSA, a funded partner of National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), facilitates NSDC certification to students which serves as the entrance criteria to the next level of learning and also endorses attainment of the ‘job ready’ skills and knowledge.


RuralShores Skills Academy provides placement assistance for our certified students. We work with freshers and working professionals to get a foothold in BPO sector, Banking and Non-Banking Financial Services, Insurance, Retail (FMCG) and Telecom industry. Our training program, that offers Foundation Skills development among the talented youth of rural India, prepares them for necessary skills to succeed in today’s digital economy.